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Providing all our children the best possible public education is always in my top two list of overall priorities, along with public safety.  We are fortunate to have the new Hunking School now online as well as a renovated high school and major improvement projects at many of our other schools.  But we still have some challenges with a few remaining schools, particularly Tilton and Greenleaf Schools.  I am a strong supporter of rebuilding Tilton School to make it a state of the art facility like we did at Hunking.  Greenleaf School can not become the long term solution to our kindergarten needs either. 

In the current budget I voted in support of a substantial increase in the public education budget to address many needs that have been until recently unaddressed.  But we can and must do much more to ensure that every child has an opportunity to shine during these critical formative learning years.

Both my daughters attended the Haverhill public schools and graduated from Haverhill High School.  My eldest is currently  a social sciences teacher in the Harlem Public School system, and completing her studies at Columbia University's Teachers College where she will graduate next spring with her Masters in Urban Education.  My younger daughter is a Physician Recruiter with the Lahey Hospital Network.  My kids have done very well.  I know I am blessed.  Your kids deserve to do well too.  That's why I still care deeply about the quality of public education and will always make this a top priority as your Councilor.

Committee to Re-Elect Tom Sullivan
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